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CIAO ITALIA! a new regional partnership

🎬🇮🇹 Lights, Camera, Collaboration! We're thrilled to announce our partnership with the talented Italian filmmaker, Francesca Casalli. With expertise in documentaries and international co-productions, Francesca brings a fresh perspective to the Cheyni ecosystem. Get ready for exciting insights on NFTs' potential in the art world and innovative collaborations. Italy, brace yourselves for CHEYNI's operations! 🌟🎥

Curious minds want to know! We had the pleasure of sitting down with the fabulous Francesca Casalli and asked her some exciting questions:

What's the buzz about NFTs and how can they revolutionize the art world?

Let's talk about Cheyni Membership NFTs - how can they spice up art and brand partnerships?

Italy's finest! Which talented artists and brands are joining the Cheyni ecosystem? Any juicy partnerships to look forward to?

Get ready for a dose of inspiration as we bring you her engaging interviews. It's time to peek into the world of CHEYNI and the fabulous opportunities it holds in Italy. Happy reading!

"To define Art, in its different manifestations, can't be a permanent sentence.

The world, with new technologies, globalization, crossmedial contents, channels, new economies, strategies, changes so quickly that sometimes many experts, from the author, producer, distributors, critics, forget to give an anthropological point of view of the specific and the wider context in which the art is produced.

The questions that I continue to feel in my mind and curious heart are always the same:

What is the role of art?

Where, when, and why was the inspiration to produce?

Does art cost?

What is the result of the audience?

Is it correct that people can have free access to art?

In my opinion, Art is born from the necessity of humans to express themselves, maybe in an egoistic way, as a phoenix, to die and be reborn, and then give birth to create and consequently to arouse emotions and produce emotional and intellectual catharsis in themselves and in the possible audiences, as well as taught in Greek theater, and not just create mild entertainment as the Romans did.

As Socrates still teaches, like a midwife supporting and helping a woman to give birth to life, the art of the dialogical method by which Socrates induced his interlocutor to arrive at a truth in an authentic way - simply by helping him to give birth by its stringent and uncomfortable questions, refers to reflections on concepts taken for granted and often vaguely known, on the contradictions that we often do not see, or prejudices.

So, maieutics, through dialogue, allows the artist to eliminate the superfluous and the vain from what they think; and finally, to allow to join an idea, a truth, never definitive or absolute, but consistent with authentic beliefs and values that can be shared and belong also to the audience.

What does NFTs have to do with it?

NFTs can give a new hybrid and innovative form to artworks that are produced not only for the pleasure of creating but to induce new production methods and a new economy.

In our global, multisystem economy, maybe in search of a new road, NFTs disrupt, innovate, and creep between those variegated global models, which represent today the root of a useless economic war between the few and the great rich and many poor.

If art costs money and the global productive market is undergoing a phase of fragmentation, upheaval, and the search for innovative ways, the answer is to put together new markets and new technologies with the old, to continue producing in an innovative and ethical way.

Without forgetting the Socratic method, analyzing the brands, the target, the content, what better solution if not the creation of a targeted, interested, sought-after community, that satisfies authors, producers, and users of art and not only.

A community that is not only a digital/social app, but the place where people can interact actively with their voice, their thoughts, needs, as in the agora, indispensable, not only to spread and sell but to cultivate, preserve, and launch new reflections, new content, and our actual hybrid reality.

Italy, the middle land of the Mediterranean, is the country that has the highest presence of UNESCO heritage sites: there are 58 out of a total of 1154, more than 5% of the world total; Italy is the destination for study and tourism since the earliest history; destination of the undisputed poets and undiscussed women from all Europe to visit our heritage.

Italy has great women artists all over the world in all sectors: Carla Fracci, Maria Callas, Saint Caterina, Artemisia Gentileschi, Natalia Ginzburg, Oriana Fallaci, Dacia Maraini, Alda Merini, Fernanda Pivano, Gianni Berengo Gardin, Luigi Ghirri, Ferdinando Scianna, Oliviero Toscani, Mimmo Jodice, Gabriele Basilico, Tina Modotti - Cinema Cecilia Mangini, Lina Wertmüller, Liliana Calvani, Cristina Comencini.

The all-fashion great names Elsa Schiaparelli, Versace, Prada, Biagiotti, Ferretti, Capucci, D&G, Fendi, Krizia, Armani. Letizia Battaglia, Ursula Hirschmann, contemporary performers around the sacred streets, the monuments, city art. But the list is very long and here just to name a few.

A country that has artists, writers, authors, musicians, designers, fashion, museums, nature, and characters that have influenced the whole world.

Its economic potential, never fully exploited, is the strong point for the preservation, preservation, and development of its artistic, naturalistic, and historical and archaeological beauties.

Through the variety and multitude of works that can be produced in NFTs, together with the major brands and targeted communities, by NFTs, perhaps Italians would have the opportunity to review not only their own history but above all the way to continue to produce works and content that are not buried in the sea magnum diel web, keeping up with the times and new technologies, in a vision of international exchange, fair, ethical, constructive, and innovative."

Francesca Casalli

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