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What is Cheyni TV - Let's get closer to know more!

Web 3.0 streaming platform Cheyni TV is the world’s first featured & hand-picked Film-On-Demand streaming platform with content-based NFT Square that monetizes to its paid subscribers with Watch & Collect model.

Basically, Cheyni TV is a mainstream broadcasting platform built on four main strategies:

Cheyni Originals

Cheyni Originals aims to strengthen the bond between the new generation culture and European cinema culture, approaching populist themes with an artistic attitude. We will also produce pioneering projects that will inspire the European arts and entertainment industry in the establishment of content and NFT relations.

Watch & Collect

With this unique platform concept built on the watching-based reward model, our subscribers will collect Cheyni Token rewards while watching handpicked contents. With these tokens, they will be able to purchase content-based NFTs in our NFT square and access dozens of additional Cheyni TV features.

NFT Square

Content-based Cheyni NFTs will quickly become a new crypto trend, and it will build a digital bridge between cinema and popular culture. Cheyni NFT square will accelerate the mass adaptation and provide a sustainable medium to the art & entertainment industry through content-based NFTs.

Cinema Foundation

A portion of Cheyni's income will be allocated to the Cheyni Cinema Foundation, and the foundation will support the projects of national and international young filmmakers. Subscribers will be able to invest with Cheyni Tokens.

Let's get to know Cheyni TV's operational and strategy models closer:



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